Ein Blick in die Zukunft (2)

So in etwa wird vielleicht der Himmel über uns nach dem Dritten Weltkrieg aussehen.



Bei den Fotos handelt es sich um Serviervorschläge.


Stell dich der Wahrheit, es ist schmerzhaft, aber heilsam.


Noch ein Blick in die Zukunft …


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  1. World War 3 Could Very Easily Turn Into The Very First Nuclear War In The Middle East

    … Saudi Arabia already has nukes, Iran probably does, and the Russians are one of the two great nuclear powers on the entire planet. So if Saudi Arabia, Turkey and their Sunni allies do decide to conduct a full-blown ground invasion of Syria, could someone ultimately decide to use nuclear weapons when their backs get pushed up against a wall? …


  2. Summary of consequences: U.S.-Russian war producing 150 million tons of smoke

    … The smoke blocks up to 70% of the sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface in the Northern Hemisphere, and up to 35% of the sunlight is also blocked in the Southern Hemisphere.

    In the absence of warming sunlight, surface temperatures on Earth become as cold or colder than they were 18,000 years ago at the height of the last Ice Age
    There would be rapid cooling of more than 20°C over large areas of North America and of more than 30°C over much of Eurasia, including all agricultural regions.

    150 million tons of smoke in the stratosphere would cause minimum daily temperatures in the largest agricultural regions of the Northern Hemisphere to drop below freezing for 1 to 3 years. Nightly killing frosts would occur and prevent food from being grown.

    Average global precipitation would be reduced by 45% due to the prolonged cold.
    Growing seasons would be virtually eliminated for many years. …


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