Hallöchen, da sind wir wieder (5)

Ja, da seid ihr wieder, …

… immerhin hat ja irgendwann Ende März …

… der Sprühling begonnen.

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  1. US signed deal with ALIEN Galactic Federation to experiment on humans, claims Israeli ex military space chief in bizarre interview

    … Retired general Haim Eshed, 87, who headed up the Defense Ministry’s space unit for nearly three decades, alleged the existence of an alien alliance spanning the galaxy in a bewildering interview with Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

    “The UFOs asked not to advertise that they are here, [because] humanity is not ready yet,” Eshed told the paper on Saturday, adding that US President Donald Trump “was on the verge of finding out, but the aliens in the Galactic Federation say: wait, let the spirits calm first. They don’t want us to have mass hysteria.” …

  2. ‚Shape-Changing UFO‘ Spotted in Broad Daylight in Colombia

    … The South American country, known for its biodiversity and rich cultural history, risks becoming the mecca of ufologists, as reports about mysterious sightings discovered in the skies over Colombia have been pouring in recently.

    An unusual „UFO“ is believed to have been spotted in broad daylight in Colombia’s capital Bogota.

    The footage of the flying object was uploaded by a YouTube user a week ago and was then shared by a prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

    After analysing the video, whose authenticity cannot be verified, Waring came to the conclusion that the mysterious object was of alien origin and that it has uneven shape. Moreover, Waring claims that the shape of the mysterious object changes as it floats in the sky.

    „The object itself almost looks as if it were alive, and maybe it is“, Waring wrote on his blog. …

  3. 2019/09/21 – Michael Schratt & James Goodall – Evidence of a REAL “Alternate Space Program!”

    … “What’s the difference between NASA … and a REAL space program?”


    The scientific understanding … and ultimate control of–


    As we’re going to explore — in-depth tonight — with eminent aerospace historian, Michael Schratt. …

  4. UFO armadas across United States during lockdowns confirmed by NASA space-based footage, dozens of videos

    … Dozens of eyewitness reports and videos of UFO armadas flying over the United States and other parts of the world over the past week have now been confirmed independently via NASA International Space Station (ISS).

    The objects in the footage appear to be intelligently controlled. …

  5. Distant Thunders

    … In this fast-paced episode, this team will unveil over four decades of study that uncovers the mysteries of biblical prophecies being fulfilled in the days that lie before us.

    For the first time in history, our team will reveal unprecedented technologies that will expose the identity of the UFO phenomenon hidden within the realm of the unseen world. This full-length feature is packed with scientific information that will corroborate evidence, with biblical warnings, of a coming Great Deception. This nefarious delusion will proclaim the coming “Aliens of Light” to be the creators of humankind on planet earth.

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall devive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24 …

    – – –

    Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

    … As UFO’s suddenly grace the covers of the NY Times and Washington Post in the age of “fake news” and #conspiracy memes, how can we make sense of these revelations without losing our grip on reality?

    “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is a feature documentary presented by Dr. Steven Greer, the global authority on extraterrestrials who created the worldwide disclosure movement and routinely briefs presidents and heads of state on the ET phenomenon. …

  6. UFOs or Lanterns? Flying Objects Seen in the Night Sky Over US Cities – Videos

    … A peculiar sight was recently spotted and filmed in the sky above at least two major population centers in the United States, leading some social media users to wonder whether they witnessed a whole swarm of UFOs cruising through the night.

    As KIOZ radio station points out, the two videos (the veracity of which couldn’t be immediately confirmed) were recorded on 3 April and 4 April in two US cities located in different states (in Detroit, Michigan and in Cleveland, Ohio respectively), with both vids featuring „a very similar cluster of objects and flight pattern“. …—videos/

  7. COSMIC END GAME: Coronavirus vaccines, depopulation and the demonic war to claim your soul for Satan

    … The vaccine won’t kill you right away, of course. That would be too obvious and might dissuade people from taking it as word spreads about the fatalities. Rather, it will be one-half of a binary weapon that will kill you when they release the next engineered mutation of the coronavirus (or some other similarly infectious agent). That way, the mass deaths can be blamed on Mother Nature, since the obedient media will convince most people that every genetically engineered biological weapon was actually the result of a spontaneous orgy between a bat and an armadillo. That’s the evil genius of bioweapons: They can always be blamed on nature, not the evil demons in human form who built them in the first place (the “death scientists”).

    If humanity had any sense of survival, there would be a worldwide call to arrest, prosecute and execute every last “death science” collaborator on the planet — that’s what Prof. Francis Boyle has called for, and he’s not wrong in understanding the severity of the threat against humanity that’s now posed by the bioweapons industry (which is taxpayer funded, of course).

    But humanity itself has no sense of survival. It is largely a suicide cult of pathetic, weak-minded snowflakes and obedient conformists who have surrendered any last shred of dignity in exchange for obedient conformity. The need for social acceptance among the masses is now so intense that otherwise rational people will publicly state that biological men can transform into biological women in order to appease their authoritarian peers. Any who oppose the delusions of the masses are ostracized from society and relegated to obscurity.

    So when Bill Gates announces the availability of free coronavirus vaccines for the masses, the sheeple will line up by the billions, begging to be injected and implanted with Mark of the Beast technology so they can have the privilege of using the global cryptocurrency transaction system that replaces the collapsed dollars. …

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