Striche einer anderen Art

Ein kalter Morgen im Herbst.

Begegnung mit einer anderen Art.

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Blickrichtung Süden.

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Blickrichtung Norden.

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Blickrichtung Westen.

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  1. The Deep State Threats Against the Truth Tellers – Gary Cole & Steve Quayle 11/26/19

    … In tonight’s gripping episode, Gary Cole will address the events he encountered during the creation of Distant Thunder by members of “the Deep State.” He uses this episode today to described the unnerving events that resulted in his cancellation from the conference in Branson, MO. …

  2. Guten Morgen! Westlich von Hannover befinden wir uns im „Krieg gegen das Leben“. Chemische Wolkenschichten – deutlicher geht es kaum. 19.10.2019, 10.01 Uhr … wartend auf den sichtbaren Rettungsakt.


    … Red October is a hard look at the times we are living in and what could literally transpire in October of 2019. We must realize the times we are living in and who we are. Knowing our identity has eternal spiritual connotations and immediate political and personal connotation. There are those who believe they own the world and all those who populate the world but for the child of God they cannot be owned by TPTB, the Vatican, any earthly government or Society because we were bought with a price paid in blood. …

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