Die Träume der Anderen (2)

Wir werden diesen Planeten komplett umgestalten.

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Die Drecksarbeit lassen wir von den Menschen erledigen.

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Nichts soll mehr an den Schöpfer erinnern.

Den Sauerstoff vertragen wir nicht, der muß weg.

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Deshalb darf es keine Pflanzen mehr geben.

Die Pflanzen produzieren den Sauerstoff aus dem ekligen Kohlenstoffdioxid, aus dem Wasser und aus dem widerlichen Sonnenlicht, das muß alles weg.

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Wir schaffen das.

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Die Menschen merken nichts.

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Von wo kommen die Anderen, von unten oder von oben?

Sie sind die ganze Zeit mitten unter uns.

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  1. U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki In Syria

    … Approximately 150 United States Special Forces troops and two dozen “advisors” fled a U.S.-controlled compound in Syria’s Manbij after receiving credible reports of extraterrestrial invaders headed in their direction, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has real-time access to global Anunnaki incursions, made an urgent call to President Trump, warning him that an Anunnaki horde had “materialized” 50km from Manbij and was travelling at breakneck speed toward the American military encampment. Although Putin loathed the American military presence in northern Syria, his animus toward malevolent extraterrestrials compelled him to warn Trump of the soldiers’ imminent demise, Osmosovich said. …

  2. The Third Hijacking of America?

    … Is a new type of Fascism now being quietly and covertly installed in America deep within the Secret Space War Program?

    For many years you were never supposed to find out most of the contents of this article. But now all things have changed and there is a new sheriff. It is now okay for disclosure to proceed step-by-step. Years ago there was danger and harassment that usually always followed the author of this type of disclosure. Now the green light has been given so enjoy this information. A fair degree of major disclosure is now at hand.

    The First Hijacking of America occurred in 1913 when the City of London private central Banksters passed the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. The second hijacking of America occurred when the Secret Shadow Government was formed as a knee-jerk reaction to the Roswell crash of an Alien ET anti-gravity craft and its recovery along with dead Alien ETs and at least one live one rescued.

    This article is about the third hijacking of the USG (and the Secret Shadow Government too) by a deep-black Secret Space War faction which is now in process. …

  3. The Earth’s Planetary Defense System

    … Since my father’s revelations regarding his work in reverse engineering Nazi theoretical physics from the drawing board to actual application from a research and development standpoint. My father told me that it took him years to figure out that we were using the same old Newtonian physics in NASA and never made significant advances from the initial Mercury Missions all the way through the Apollo missions. By the time we landed on moon, we already had tested faster than light travel (FTL) craft, from an unmanned perspective. Then why was NASA not using this technology? That was the question I put to my father in 1984. His answer was that we using an archaic theoretical physics model based upon Newtonian three dimensional physics in NASA craft. By 1984, he recognized, through inference, that we had a secret space program that was using an advanced physics model. He tried to teach me the model as best as he could and he was teaching it to someone whose background was in the social sciences, not the physical sciences. …

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