Hier sehen sie erste Ergebnisse meiner Aufrüstung – nur nebenbei.

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Und hier gibt es sehr informatives Material über die Hintergründe der planetarischen Umgestaltung oder wie auch immer man es nennen möchte – allerdings nur in englischer Sprache.

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Life as an investigator is like a box of chocolates

9 April 2014 – Note: This article first appeared on March 21, 2013. It is being republished today to correspond with our guest, Dr. Danny Morano (website) on today’s edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

“My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, even though his feet were found to be barely touching the floor when he was discovered.  Very strange.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

21 March 2013:  The following is a true story. You’ll really just have to “trust me” with this one – and stay with me through all the twists and turns the following account has to offer. There are many, to be certain. If you’re like me, you might want to save this information, read it more than once, allow it to sink in. I had to. After you fully grasp the content, you might never look at certain things, people and even your own belief system the same way again. Note: this was first published by Steve Quayle here.  The following is an updated and slightly expanded version. Weiterlesen …

– – –

Connecting the dots

By Douglas J. Hagmann

SHOW PREP: Please read THIS.

Friday, May 2, 2014: If you’ve been following our line-up of guests on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report over the last several months, you know that each guest brings their own set of “data points,” or puzzle pieces to our listeners. We’ve been attempting to bring you information about topics that have a deep and serious impact on your life today and as it will be in the future. The life and legacy that you will leave your children and their children.

It is said that coming events cast their shadow before them. We need to look at today’s events to see the shadow of orchestration that exist right in front of us. In order to get an accurate assessment and understanding of current geopolitical events, we need a view from space, or a much bigger picture than we’ve been permitted to see. We need to be able to look behind the proverbial curtain to see the masters of deception at work, pulling the strings of the puppets for the entertainment and entrancement of the unwitting public.

Like college mid-terms, we need a refresher, or a review of the material before we are tested. And we’re about to be tested. Tonight we are going to have just such a refresher. We will have a review of all the data points to date, and pull the information together to give us a better understanding of where we’re at and  what to expect. For this most important review, we welcome a man known only as “W,” who until recently, spent his life in the dark recesses of a world few know exist. Knowing what he has done and the totality of his involvements would read like a James Bond novel, except it’s far from fiction. His activities in the world of “black ops” has placed him in the company of other spies, the rich and the powerful. Weiterlesen …

– – –

Und hier schließlich die dreistündige, hörenswerte Radio-Show. „W“ arbeitet den Stoff sehr ausführlich und verständlich auf, so daß man zum Ende der dritten Stunde zu einem guten Überblick kommen kann.

Special: Intelligence Insider on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Weiter zu blogtalkradio …

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Hier noch ein paar von meinen Überwachungs-Ergebnissen.

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Meine kleine Träumerei …

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Und hier kommt die Nacht.

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    … Throughout our media and film productions, there is this almost macabre fawning of future technologies and the corresponding technocracy they will bring. It’s as if technology is omnipotent and all-pervasive, and only fool or an anathema would dare stand in the way of the inevitability of ‘progress’. …


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