Stimme vom Himmel

„Friede und Sicherheit“

Brutaler Unfrieden und extreme Unsicherheit sind zum Alltag geworden.

Nun hört man die Worte „Friede und Sicherheit“. Dieser Ruf wird mehr und mehr hörbar werden und dann kommt plötzlich das Verderben und niemand wird mehr entfliehen können. Man geht in die Nacht, aus der keiner mehr erwacht.

Vorsicht, Armuts-Gefälle 16,6%! Grundschule brutal! Immer mehr Berliner drohen abzurutschen und auszurutschen …

Denn ihr wißt ja genau, daß der Tag des Herrn so kommen wird wie ein Dieb in der Nacht. Wenn sie nämlich sagen werden: »Friede und Sicherheit«, dann wird sie das Verderben plötzlich überfallen wie die Wehen eine schwangere Frau, und sie werden nicht entfliehen. (Die Bibel – 1. Thessalonicher 5, 2-3)

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Wenn die Kiste oder der Eimer oder die Tüte oder das Mass voll ist …

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  1. Chapter 15.

    Spetsnaz’s First World War

    … The ‚overture‘ could last from several weeks to several months, gradually gathering force and embracing fresh regions. At the same time the GUSM would become involved. Photographs compromising a NATO chief appear on the front pages of Western newspapers. A scandal explodes. It appears that some of the NATO people have been having meetings with high-ranking Soviet diplomats and handing over top secret papers. All efforts to refute the story only fuel the fire. The public demands the immediate dismissal of NATO’S chiefs and a detailed enquiry. Fresh details about the affair are published in the papers and the scandal increases in scope. At that moment the KGB and GRU can take out and dust off a tremendous quantity of material and put it into circulation. The main victims now are the people whom the Soviets had tried to recruit but failed. Now carefully edited and annotated materials get into the hands of the press. Soviet Intelligence has tried to recruit thousands, even tens of thousands, of people in its time. They include young lieutenants who have now become generals and third secretaries who have now become ambassadors. All of them rejected Soviet efforts to recruit them, and now Soviet Intelligence avenges their refusal. The number of scandalous affairs increases. The nations discover to their surprise that there are very few people to be trusted. The Soviet intelligence service has nothing to lose if the press gets hold of material showing that it tried to recruit a French general, without saying how the attempt ended. It has even less to lose on the eve of war. That is why the newspapers are full of demands for investigations and reports of resignations, dismissals and suicides. The best way of killing a general is to kill him with his own hands.

    There is a marked increase in the strength of the peace movement. In many countries there are continual demands to make the country neutral and not to support American foreign policy, which has been discredited. At this point the ‚grey terror‘ gathers scope and strength and in the last days of peace reaches its peak.

    From the first moment of the first day of war the main forces of spetsnaz go into action. From then on the terror is conducted in the name of the Soviet Union and of the Communist leadership: ‚red terror‘.

    But between the ‚grey‘ and the ‚red‘ terror there may be an intermediate period – the ‚pink‘ terror, when active military operations have not yet begun and there is still peace, but when some of the best spetsnaz units have already gone into action. The situation is complicated by the fact that, on the one hand, Soviet fighting units are already in battle, but that, on the other hand, they are not yet operating in the name of the Soviet Union. This is an exceptionally risky moment for the Soviet high command. But he who risks nothing gains nothing. The Soviet commanders want to gain a great deal, and so are ready to risk a lot. A great deal has of course been done to reduce the level of risk. Only a relatively small number of spetsnaz troops take part in the ‚pink‘ terror, but they are the best people in spetsnaz – professional athletes of Olympic class. Everything has been done to make sure that not one of them should fall into the hands of the enemy before the outbreak of war. A great deal has also been done to ensure that, if one of them should fall into enemy hands at that moment, it would be very difficult to establish his connection with any country whatsoever.

    The ‚pink‘ terror may continue for no more than a few hours. But those are the most important hours and minutes – the very last hours and minutes of peace. It is very important that those hours and minutes should be spoilt for the enemy and used for the maximum advantage to the Soviet side. It must be pointed out that the ‚pink‘ terror may not be carried out at all. It is used only when there is absolute certainty of the success of the operations and equal certainty that the enemy will not be able in the remaining hours and minutes to assess the situation correctly and strike the first pre-emptive blow. …

  2. “Fake News” and World War III. The Danger of Nuclear Annihilation

    … When war becomes peace, the world is turned upside down. Conceptualization is no longer possible. Insanity prevails. The institutions of government are criminalized and so is the media.

    The Pentagon and NATO are beating the drums of war. What is at stake is a Worldwide media disinformation campaign in support of a Third World War, which almost inevitably would lead to nuclear annihilation. …

    … Disobey unlawful orders! Abandon the battlefield! … Refuse to fight in a war which blatantly violates international law and the US Constitution!

    But this is not a choice which enlisted men and women can make individually.

    It is a collective and societal choice, which requires an organizational structure.

    Across the land in the US, Britain, Canada and in all coalition countries, the new anti-war movement must assist enlisted men and women to make that moral choice possible, to abandon the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now in Syria and Yemen.

    This will not be an easy task. Committees at local levels must be set up across the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries, which have troops engaged in US led military operations.

    We call upon veterans’ associations and local communities to support this process. …

  3. US-General: Unsere U-Boote könnten Russland vernichten

    … Daraufhin wandte sich eine Senator-Gruppe an Außenminister Rex Tillerson mit dem Appell, einen Dialog zur strategischen Stabilität mit Russland zu starten. …

    – – –

    Did The Church Get Another Reprieve From Nuclear War?

    … Today on TruNews we discuss the historic announcement, that North Korea is willing to relinquish their nuclear arsenal and cease further missile tests, and give credit where it’s due, as God answers the prayers of Christians and opens the door for peace on the Korean Peninsula. …

    – – –

    Analysis: The coming war

    … There is a feeling of calm before the storm here in Israel.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has changed his time schedule for the destruction of Israel and at the beginning of March promised a Sunni Syrian religious scholar he would lead prayers in Jerusalem fairly soon.

    His words are not merely rhetoric since the Iranians are making rapid progress in preparations for a concerted effort to destroy the Jewish state via its proxies in Lebanon, Syria and the territories controlled by the PA and Hamas. …

    … Iran and its proxies are expected to lob more than 1,000 missiles a day at Israel from at least three fronts in this ‘coming war’ as many observers, politicians and IDF officers in Israel call it.

    These three fronts are Lebanon, Gaza and Syria and it is expected Israel’s various anti-missile shields will be unable to cope with this amount of missiles.

    This is why some observers now think the time has come to take preemptive action against the Iranian threat on the lines of what happened in 1967 at the outset of the Six-Day-War when the IAF destroyed almost all Egyptian and Syrian warplanes before the war actually began.

    “Israel is exceptionally vulnerable to attack by precision weapons, as on the one hand it is an advanced Western country dependent on sophisticated technologies, and on the other it is small, with very concentrated infrastructures and very little redundancy,” two IAF veterans wrote in a study last year.

    They could have added that the bulk of Israel’s population is living in areas in the center of country and the Iranians have already warned they would flatten Tel Aviv and its suburbs in the Gush Dan area.

    All the above are the reasons Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu spoke in apocalyptic terms regarding the increasing Iranian threat to Israel when he held a speech at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in the U.S.

    “We must stop Iran. We will stop Iran,” Netanyahu vowed. …

  4. Rede zur Lage der Nation: Wie Putin den Westen wieder an den Verhandlungstisch bringen will

    … Sollte in westlichen Ländern eine mächtige Friedensbewegung entstehen, welche die Bedrohungspolitik gegenüber Russland kritisiert und die westlichen Regierungen an den Verhandlungstisch zwingt, könnte das die Rüstungsspirale stoppen. …

    – – –

    „Das Ende der Zivilisation“: Moskau warnt nach neuer US-Doktrin vor Atomkrieg in Europa

    … Der Minister äußerte seine Hoffnung, dass sich „die europäischen Bürger“ einer „Stationierung von Massenvernichtungswaffen auf ihrem Territorium durch den einzigen Staat der Welt widersetzen, der diese bereits in Hiroshima und Nagasaki gegen eine Zivilbevölkerung eingesetzt hat“.

    Russischer Generalleutnant: „Wir sind auf alles vorbereitet“

    Der russische Generalleutnant Jewgeni Buschinski griff Lawrows Worte auf. Die Präsenz taktischer US-Atomwaffen in Europa sei eine große Hürde auf dem Weg zur Abrüstung. „Niemand kann genau sagen, wie ernsthaft die Bedrohung ist“, so Buschinski am Donnerstag gegenüber RT. Doch die Militärs beider Seiten machten sich bereit:

    Das russische Militär bereitet sich vor; und das amerikanische Militär tut dasselbe. Es ist Aufgabe der Politiker, die Öffentlichkeit vor diesen Vorbereitungen zu warnen.

    Sollte Russland mit einer Atomwaffe angegriffen werden, werde es einen Gegenschlag durchführen, so Buschinski, der das PIR-Center (Zentrum für politische Studien) in Moskau leitet, das sich der internationalen Außen- und Militärpolitik widmet. Er schilderte die fatalen Konsequenzen, die sich daraus für die Menschheit ergeben würden:

    Sollten die strategischen Kräfte Russlands und der USA in Aktion treten, würden Hunderte Megatonnen nuklearer Munition das Territorium der USA und Russlands treffen. Wir befinden uns auf der eurasischen Platte, was uns (Russland) einen leichten tektonischen Vorteil verschafft. Der nordamerikanische Kontinent würde sicherlich aufbrechen. Es wäre das Ende der Zivilisation. Daran kann es keinen Zweifel geben. …

    • TEXT UNTER DEM VIDEO: „This is the „lesson“ scene from the movie War Games. Where we learn that the only way to win in Nuclear War is not to play.“

      Bitte ganz ansehen, 4:05 Min.!

      That scene from War Games / Greg Granito / YouTube

  5. Iskander in Aktion: Russische Armee simuliert Angriff auf feindliche Kommandozentrale

    … Anfang Februar hatte Russland die Stationierung der Iskander-Raketenkomplexe in der Region Kaliningrad bestätigt.

    „Die Stationierung des operativ-taktischen Raketenkomplexes,Iskanderʻ muss nicht nur als symmetrische Antwort auf das Vorgehen der Nato, sondern vor allem als Bestandteil des komplexen Systems der Festigung der Verteidigungsfähigkeit unseres Landes betrachtet werden“, sagte der Chef des Verteidigungsausschusses des Föderationsrates …

    … Er verwies darauf, dass „die Raketen, die die,Iskanderʻ-Komplexe tragen, nicht gegen den INF-Vertrag verstoßen, weil die Reichweite ihrer Flüge nicht mehr als 500 Kilometer ausmacht“. …

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