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  1. An exploding meteor may have wiped out ancient Dead Sea communities

    … A superheated blast from the skies obliterated cities and farming settlements north of the Dead Sea around 3,700 years ago, preliminary findings suggest.

    Radiocarbon dating and unearthed minerals that instantly crystallized at high temperatures indicate that a massive airburst caused by a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere instantaneously destroyed civilization in a 25-kilometer-wide circular plain called Middle Ghor, said archaeologist Phillip Silvia. The event also pushed a bubbling brine of Dead Sea salts over once-fertile farm land, Silvia and his colleagues suspect.

    People did not return to the region for 600 to 700 years, said Silvia, of Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque. …


  2. Waldbrand in Kalifornien: Freisetzung „hoch gefährlicher“ radioaktiver Partikel auf Atomtestgelände

    … Seit Monaten wüten in Kalifornien Waldbrände. Zusätzlich zu den bereits beträchtlichen Personen- und Sachschäden gerät nun eine weitere Bedrohung in den Blick: Die Freisetzung radioaktiver Partikel aus dem durch Militärtests verseuchten Boden. …


  3. Zickenkrieg im bunten Berlin: Schwule neidisch auf Lesben

    … Nach Meinung der Schwulenberatung hätte nämlich eine ganz andere Zielgruppe viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit als Lesben verdient. Nachholbedarf bestehe nämlich laut de Groot vor allem im Bereich „Trans* und Inter* Personen“. Hintergrund um den Wettbewerb, wer nun am allermeisten diskriminiert werde, ist laut Tagesspiegel der Streit um ein Grundstück in Schöneberg. …


  4. Shocking aerial images reveal extent of SoCal wildfire damage as 45,000 acres burn and more than 27,000 people are displaced


    – – –

    Highway to Hell! Terrifying video shows drivers on their way to work in LA passing hills covered with flames in the midst of raging wildfires


  5. Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where’d the houses go??)

    … The Directed Energy Weapons that turned the World Trade Center into dust on 9/11 are now being directed to residential areas in the US! The parallels are undeniable. Who the hell is doing this?! …

    – – –

    Horror Of California Wildfires Captured In Satellite And Aerial Photos


    – – –

    The Great Santa Rosa Fire… A Firestorm Claims an ENTIRE Community

  6. Reduced to ashes: Shocking aerial images capture the devastation wrought by California wildfires as the death toll rises to 23 with nearly 300 MISSING and 20,000 forced to flee their homes


    – – –

    Apocalyptic images from the deadly fires in Northern California


    – – –

    A boiling river of WINE flows through devastated California wine country as residents return to apocalyptic scenes after wildfires kill 17 – while 5,000 flee another inferno in the home of Disneyland


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