Ein verstrichener Morgen (3)

„Wir zeigen wieder, was in uns steckt!“


„Auch der Sturm macht uns nichts aus, denn den haben wir uns ja selbst gemixt.“

„Ihr könnt mit uns kein Brot brechen und nicht am selben Tisch sitzen!“


„Wir sind höher, wir sind über euch!“

(IKS: Was sollen diese aus dem Zusammenhang genommenen Zitate? Das verstößt gegen die Richtlinien!)

Kategorien:Macht, Strichkode, Sturm

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  1. SHOCK WEATHER BOMB to bring 12 INCHES of SNOW and 90mph gales after Storm Eva

    … A rapidly strengthening low-pressure system will whip up winds of up to 90mph as it hurtles towards Britain.

    Weather models show its central pressure dropping more than 24mb in 24 hours from 989mb to 952mb – known as explosive cyclogenesis or a ‘weather bomb’.

    Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, said: “A storm coming in from the Atlantic on Tuesday is looking very worrying, it is one of the strongest we have seen in a very long time.“

    “It is associated with a very rapid intensification which is known as a ‘weather bomb’ bringing fierce winds with gusts of 90mph.

    “It is shaping up to be a horrendous and very damaging storms system.”

    The Met Office said Britain faces a wet and windy run up to the New Year with severe gales, snow and rain on the way.

    Although it has not issued a name for the next storm, Frank will follow Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond and most recently Eva. …

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