Doppelt wirkt besser

„Guten Morgen, was darf’s sein?“ – „Offiziersfrühstück, Doppelportion, bitte.“

„Zu Diensten, kommt sofort!“


Doppeltes Ereignis.

Das Wetter spielt verrückt.

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  1. FED-Kapitulation beweist: Das System lässt sich nicht mehr „normalisieren“

    … Im Dezember 2018 fielen die Kurse an der New Yorker Aktienbörse so stark wie in keinem Dezember seit der Großen Depression. Der rasante Abwärtstrend sandte Schockwellen durch das globale Finanzsystem. Die Welt schien plötzlich vor der nächsten großen Finanzkrise zu stehen. …

    … Niemand kann voraussagen, welche Entscheidungen die FED und die anderen Zentralbanken in den kommenden Monaten treffen werden. Da es aber nur drei verschiedene Möglichkeiten gibt, hier ein kurzer Blick darauf, wie sie aussehen und welche Folgen sie haben könnten: …

    … Das globale Finanzsystem ist durch die lockere Geldpolitik der vergangenen zehn Jahre in eine Lage gebracht worden, aus der es mit Hilfe klassischer Reformpolitik keinen Ausweg mehr gibt. …

  2. Deutsche Bank-Aktie: Eilmeldung lässt Aktie plötzlich fallen – auch Commerzbank-Papiere betroffen

    … Die Nachrichtenagentur Bloomberg berichtet in einer Eil-Mitteilung, Verantwortliche der Deutschen Bank würden einen Zusammenschluss mit der Commerzbank als „letzte Option“ betrachten, sollte sich das Geschäft nicht im Laufe der ersten drei Monate des neuen Jahres spürbar verbessern. Das kann als Hinweis auf einen schweren Rückschlag verstanden werden.

    Bloomberg hatte mit Berichten in den vergangenen Wochen die Gerüchte um einen Zusammenschluss der Deutschen Bank mit der Commerzbank hochgehalten. Jetzt sendet die Agentur eine Eilmeldung, wonach Vertreter der Deutschen Bank einen Zusammenschluss mit der Commerzbank zu Jahresmitte als letzte Option ansehen würden. Die Zeit für die Trendwende sei knapp. Sollte sich die Situation in den ersten drei Monaten des Jahres 2019 nicht spürbar verbessern, wäre eine Fusion die letzte Option, die bliebe. …–commerzbank–aktie–fusion–merger–eil–zusammenschluss–bloomberg–boersenbriefing-436300.htm

    – – –

    We’re Flash Crashing to Hell – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

    … Sinclair warns, “If Bill and I were standing on a street corner as preachers, our sign would read not ‘the end is near.’ Our sign would read, ‘it ended.’”

    Sinclair goes on to say, “The flash crash to hell has started because the U.S. dollar is only up for one reason. It’s only up because there is a synthetic short.” …


    … November 22nd: topics covered include the breakdown of Deutsche Bank with all the horrific fallout which could serve as the lit fuse for the next Global Financial Crisis, the USGovt deficit enormous problem characterized by current borrowing costs exceeding all tax revenue income that indicates Third World status, the high risk to Wall Street banks from the declining crude oil price whereby the big banks have credit exposure to the suicidal shale sector, the theft of $3 trillion in USTreasury Bonds owned by the Saudis as part of the Petro-Dollar Recycling practice whose assets are locked in the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the rising threat of both a US stock and US bond market severe decline triggered by rising interest rates, and the landmark precedent setting court cases like Monsanto loss (glyphosate & cancer) and like RFKennedy Jr victory against Vaccines (no USGovt efficacy) and like 5G tower victory case in London (installers & radiation), all of which provided open doors for class action lawsuits in the multiple $billions immediately …

  4. Celente – Prepare: Global Market Shock Is Coming

    … the two-punch strike of slowing economic growth and rising interest rates. …

    – – –

    Gerald Celente: Debt Balloon, Rising Oil and War Will Set Stage for New Economic 9/11

    … Today on TruNews, Gerald Celente, the founder of Trends Research Institute, joins the program to discuss how the world may be facing a new economic 9/11 through an explosion of global debt, rising oil prices, and a new world war. Gerald details why peace was a dirty word in the 2018 midterms, why the rise of nationalism in Europe means the beginning of the end of the EU, and how a new SWIFT financial system could end U.S. dollar dominance. …

  5. Bereitet Italien den Austritt aus der Eurozone vor?

    … Italien und die Europäische Union streiten heftig um den italienischen Haushalt. Eine Lösung ist nicht in Sicht. Hinter den Kulissen bereitet Italien die Einführung einer Parallelwährung vor. Steht die Europäische Währungsunion vor ihrem Ende? …

    – – –

    Unwetter in Italien fordert Dutzende Todesopfer

    … Laut dem Innenminister Matteo Salvini sind zur „Absicherung des nationalen Gebietes“ 40 Milliarden Euro nötig. Er versprach, die Summe aufzutreiben und auszugeben. Hoffentlich würden diese Pläne nicht auf den Widerstand der EU stoßen, fügte er hinzu. …

  6. National Security Bulletin – Massive „SELL“ Order in today’s Stock Market May Signal Major Terror Attack Friday

    … At 2:43 PM EDT Thursday, a sudden and massive SELL order hit the Dow Jones Industrials seemingly out of nowhere and sent the Dow Jones plummeting by over 600 points in a manner of minutes, the selling volume was indeed one for the ages.

    According to the Security Bulletin, this could signal a major terrorist attack because this type of massive sell order has not been seen for years, and may indicate insider knowledge of a pending „incident.“ …

  7. Global Crisis Hot Spots and Pressure Points

    … Let it be known that the resolution of the financial crisis in Turkey can be regarded as the first critical step in the Global Financial RESET, which has already begun. This is according to consensus among the Jackass colleagues. The introduction to critical steps has been the ongoing Deutsche Bank rescue and Italian banking system life suport, in the West. The introduction to critical steps has been the creation of the Gold-Oil-Yuan futures contracts in the East. THE GLOBAL RESET BEGAN A FEW MONTHS AGO, WITH NO MARQUEE SIGNS, NO FLASHING LIGHTS, NO BANDS, NO HOOPLA. The banker cabal prefers that the public is ill-prepared, since the elites among them are busily preparing their positions for tremendous profits in the $trillions, equal to the losses expected by the clueless public. …

  8. Dollar Dominant & Dangerous – System Not Stable – Catherine Austin Fitts

    … Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system “will take some big hits before the end of the year.” Fitts explains, “Right now, economists say the dollar is ‘dangerous and dominant.’ It’s still, if you look at the market shares around the world, it’s still very, very significant portion of total reserves. So, it’s still very important. At the same time, the U.S. dollar hegemony is probably not going to last forever . . . So, I think the long term dollar looks very weak. Short term, it doesn’t look like it’s coming apart anytime soon, as far as I can see. What that means is when you have something that is dangerous and dominant, you have the possibility of extreme volatility events. That’s the new code word for the ‘you know what’ hits the, you know what. Whether it’s different countries exploding economically, or we whether are pressuring people that makes them very uncomfortable, these kinds of fights over shrinking pies are very dangerous because they mean covert wars. They mean overt wars, and the more we steal pies from each other instead of make new pies, the worse the situation gets. That’s what you are seeing. The system is not stable.” …

  9. MAJOR ALERT: First Time In 17 Years Commercials Long Gold, Plus A Silver Shocker!

    … Bullion banks are now long the gold market for the first time in 17 years! They also massively increased their long (for the first time in history) silver positions as they continuing tightening the noose around hedge funds and speculators that are massively short the gold and silver markets. Now they are preparing to unleash a historic short squeeze. …


    … No wonder governments around the world hate gold. Because gold reveals their deceitful actions in destroying the economy and the currency.

    There is blatant manipulation in so many areas including fake money, fake paper gold, fake news, fake politics and fake governments.

    The VAT countries are just one example but a very important one. Because they are giving us the signal that a global crisis has started. Most emerging market countries are in the same situation. In the next few months, emerging markets will drop one after the next. …

  11. $174,000 per Ounce Gold Not Funny–Scary – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

    … Holter says, “Equity markets are levitated. Interest rates have been dropped to zero. Gold and silver have been suppressed. The reason being is the markets have to support the MOPE (Management Of Perspective Economics). In other words, they have to be able to point to markets and say, see, everything is okay. Just look at the markets.”

    Sinclair says, “It’s a product of a psychological operation, if you will.”

    Sinclair also says, “It’s going to be a Friday to Monday event. There is going to be an explosion, and the explosion is a change. It may blow your mind, but the explosion would not be three or four months or a year in upticks in these items (gold and silver prices). Oh, they are going to uptick. That’s for sure. The finality of this is going to be the reset. . . .It is going to be something entirely new that doesn’t exist now. It may be engineered and not happening by natural causes. . . .You need to know who President Trump is, what he is a master of and what tools he has used effectively as part of his business. It’s not “The Art of the Deal,” it’s the science of bankruptcy.”

    How bad is it going to get? Holter sums it all up when he says, “The world is Venezuela.” …

  12. „Thank God This Is Happening“ Russia Says Time Has Come To Ditch The Dollar

    … „Thank God, this is happening, and we will speed up this work,” Ryabkov said, explaining the move would come in addition to other “retaliatory measures” as a response to a growing list of US sanctions. …

    … “We are considering an option of payment in national currencies with them. This requires certain adjustments in the financial, economic, and banking sectors” to accomplish. …

  13. Jim Sinclair: MOPE Has Failed And The World Is About To IMPLODE Economically – TIME NOW!

    … The Titanic Forces of Economic Sin in the Theory of Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE), which was identified by us only and no one else more than a decade ago, is the most ignorant concept. If markets could be controlled globally, the laws of economic could be cancelled and depressions, plus serious recessions, eliminated forever. They cannot be! You will witness this very soon. …

    – – –

    Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS – Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW)

  14. Marshall Swing: Global Economic Collapse July 20-27, 2018 (Part I, The Calculation And Significance)

    … So somehow, Ted Malluch, on January 26, 2017, in conjunction with Joseph Stiglitz, managed to very covertly indicate 2 consecutive Fridays 18 months far away in the future as the time when the EU might collapse. And no one else in the world noticed. The mathematical improbability of the sequence I present here is really huge!


    And not only that but Ted Malluch indicated 2 Fridays surrounding the infamous day in Jewish history when their first Temple was destroyed and they were carried away captive to Babylon, for many, many decades because they failed to let the ground rest during God’s 7th year Sabbath for the ground and debt’s releases. That plus all the multitude of other violations of God’s LAW that Israel committed for many, many generations!

    Coincidence? …

    – – –

    Marshall Swing: Global Economic Collapse July 20, 2018 Tish B’av?

    – – –

    Euro could collapse in 18 months, predicts Trump’s pick for EU ambassador

  15. Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold

    … TIMBER!! That is the standard cry in the forest industry among loggers who cut down giant trees, the warning to step aside for the great impact. GET READY FOR THE SIMULTANEOUS BANKING CRISIS IN THE THREE BIGGEST EUROPEAN ECONOMIES: GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY. The United States and the London Centre will not be able to avoid the crisis.

    Try that again. TIMBERRRR !! An event of monumental importance and impact is on the verge of occurrence. …

    … An astute and very well-informed source with solid connections has provided important direction on the development. Timing is always difficult. He looks toward two key events that soon will trigger a global financial crisis, complete with a wave of reforms and solutions sought, all amidst great changes in financial markets. …

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