Doppelt wirkt besser

„Guten Morgen, was darf’s sein?“ – „Offiziersfrühstück, Doppelportion, bitte.“

„Zu Diensten, kommt sofort!“


Doppeltes Ereignis.

Das Wetter spielt verrückt.

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  1. Marshall Swing: Global Economic Collapse July 20-27, 2018 (Part I, The Calculation And Significance)

    … So somehow, Ted Malluch, on January 26, 2017, in conjunction with Joseph Stiglitz, managed to very covertly indicate 2 consecutive Fridays 18 months far away in the future as the time when the EU might collapse. And no one else in the world noticed. The mathematical improbability of the sequence I present here is really huge!


    And not only that but Ted Malluch indicated 2 Fridays surrounding the infamous day in Jewish history when their first Temple was destroyed and they were carried away captive to Babylon, for many, many decades because they failed to let the ground rest during God’s 7th year Sabbath for the ground and debt’s releases. That plus all the multitude of other violations of God’s LAW that Israel committed for many, many generations!

    Coincidence? …

    – – –

    Marshall Swing: Global Economic Collapse July 20, 2018 Tish B’av?

    – – –

    Euro could collapse in 18 months, predicts Trump’s pick for EU ambassador

  2. Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold

    … TIMBER!! That is the standard cry in the forest industry among loggers who cut down giant trees, the warning to step aside for the great impact. GET READY FOR THE SIMULTANEOUS BANKING CRISIS IN THE THREE BIGGEST EUROPEAN ECONOMIES: GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY. The United States and the London Centre will not be able to avoid the crisis.

    Try that again. TIMBERRRR !! An event of monumental importance and impact is on the verge of occurrence. …

    … An astute and very well-informed source with solid connections has provided important direction on the development. Timing is always difficult. He looks toward two key events that soon will trigger a global financial crisis, complete with a wave of reforms and solutions sought, all amidst great changes in financial markets. …

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