Krieg gegen das Leben (6)

Die Tage werden kürzer und die uns verbleibende Zeit geht zu Ende.


Die Bibel - Matthäus 24, 21-22

Die Bibel – Matthäus 24, 21-22

Diese greulichen Vögel haben Flugsaison.

Wenn der Schöpfer von Raum und Zeit nicht diese Tage für uns abkürzen würde, bliebe nichts Lebendiges übrig.


Wir Menschen würden uns unter Inspiration der gefallenen Engel und der Dämonen selbst ausrotten und alles Leben mit in den ewigen Tod nehmen.



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  1. Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity

    … Rational people can process most of what I’ve described above, if they do the research and aren’t brain damaged from fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals and 5G. But now we bring in a topic where many people just can’t fathom the reality: Earth’s globalists are following orders from non-human entities.

    Different people describe these non-human, non-Earth entities in different ways. To some people, they are demons of supernatural origin. To others, they are aliens of extraterrestrial origin. Still others say they are AI systems from advanced civilizations across the cosmos, and another explanation describes these influencing entities as interdimensional beings from a parallel universe. (Interesting note: CERN scientists have announced they are preparing to power up CERN to literally “make contact with a parallel universe,” according to mainstream media headlines.) …

  2. The Great Culling Is Underway

    … What’s the end game? The end game is transhumanism. COVID was introduced at this point in history because the globalists are ready to introduce the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI….. The old industrial civilization must die so that there is no competition to the AI revolution. Can anyone argue that the world’s economy is utterly destroyed? And even though we have fallen off the cliff and we can still see blue sky, our cognitive dissonance kicks in and tells us everything is ok so long as we can see blue skiy as we plummet to our death. What does that mean? Humans are not needed. Robots can already program themselves, and create new AI applications. Again, Humans are not needed and this is why the elitist Satanists will combine man and machine and still maintain control over AI robots. If transhumanism was not introduced, very soon, the robots would have no use for humans. A transhumanism creation is compatible with AI. What does that mean for humanity? Do you really believe that the globalists are going to fund Universal Basic Income when all they have to do is introduce an immune system destroying vaccine that works by altering RNA and DNA? Who needs animal trials for a vaccine that is not intended to protect but to destroy? …

  3. The Six Kill-Shots Directed At Humanity

    … In past articles I alluded to how Bill Pawelec, Vance Davis and myself were involved with Enron when they were taken down because they wanted to dabble in technology that is tremendous in its scope. However, certain entities are denying access, thus, we see the complete fabrication of our history and disguised depopulation events being put into play.

    In a survey format, today’s article details how the globalists and their demonic allies have constructed a plot, consisting of at least six parts to this depopulation plan and how this plan will be implemented. …

  4. The Arrival: Bad Entities with Demonic Intentions

    … The Earth is being terraformed and it is not in the best interest of the inhabitants on this planet. The terraforming events represent a series of extinction level events. …

    … I have known about the attempted terraforming of the planet by entities who are not human and I have known it for over 20 years. Vance Davis and myself have decided to tell all. The four terraforming events are:

    Fukushima, which is far worse than most people realize
    The far-reaching effects of the Gulf Oil Spill.
    GMO’s and the destruction of our collective DNA. Yes, I am saying that humans are being terraformed.
    The implementation of 5G, that humanity will not survive.

    CERN is also a part of this. Some of these terraforming events are opening portals for entry by very evil entities.

    In the next part in this series, I will detail how each of these six attacks upon humanity is part of a terraforming plot very similar to the movie, The Arrival. …

  5. Ich frage mich oft, ob sich die Verkürzung der Tage auf die Anzahl der Tage bezieht oder auf die Tageslänge. Verfügungsmasse und Freizeit unterhalb des Alltags verspüre ich kaum noch. Hängt es nur an der Lebensphase oder sind die Tage mehr und mehr eingeengt?

    Ansonsten ist Hannover wieder stark „gezeichnet“ heute am 8.9.16, 7:30 Uhr. Eine durch und durch sichtbare schmutzige Atmosphäre. Herzliche Grüße.

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