Radikalisierung des Himmels – wer ist schuld?

Eine runde Sonne gibt es nicht mehr – nur noch diese Mutationen …




Willst du viel, spül mit P… äh Strich-Spüli …



Radikalisierung am Himmel: Wolkenkanten wie mit dem Lineal gezogen.












Eine kunterbunte Himmels-Bereicherung …











Schwuppdiwupp – Licht aus und weg sind sie …


Die Sonne war früher einmal rund auf Fotos.


In der Ferne wird eine Massen-Impfung veranstaltet – gegen Radikalismus oder dafür?


Wer noch weiter als bis DREI zählen kann, darf jetzt hier kostenlos die Striche zählen – bis zum Einschlafen …


Manche Leute schaffen Probleme, um einen Sündenbock zu präsentieren.

Originale Labor-Aufnahme eines Strich-Männchens

Doch ich denke, die Strich-Männchen sind an allem schuld – aber ich war auch einmal einer von ihnen, doch heute bin ich ein Mensch.

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  1. look2him sagt:

    The Cloud Shield

    … Below are a selection of photographs showing the cloud shield that is used for Solar Radiation Management, built up with chemtrails and manipulated through HAARP and other similar facilities.

    Most of these photo’s are above Glasgow with some taken abroad in Europe as well where unfortunately it is the same story…. …


  2. look2him sagt:

    Chemtrails, Calmatives, and Terrorism

    … While scientists, lawyers, and politicians debate the pros and cons of contrails, the internet is ablaze with wide eyed watchers screaming bloody murder over the possibility that something even more shady is overhead. With claims like “they are spraying us like roaches” you really have to wonder, are chemtrails part of a secret agenda? We will now explore all of the facts relating to chemtrails and a word you probably never heard before: calmatives. …


  3. look2him sagt:

    Da wird bald wieder die „Schuldfrage“ gestellt werden …

    Russian Bomber Over Channel Was Carrying Nukes


  4. look2him sagt:

    XYZ: What would happen if the Russian army really invaded Ukraine

    … I want to briefly explain to the Ukrainian colleagues, what is the modern Russian army, and what would happen, if it would come to visit them in reality, and not in their wet dreams.

    Firstly, today we use digital radio communication with local encryption. You can intercept it, but you cannot decipher it. The code changes in 50 minutes, an hour, an hour and twenty-two minutes – on arbitrary unpredictable schedule. Ukrainian military and the armed forces of Novorossia are using an old analog model, which you can listen to. And the Russian army now has communications which was previously only on secure communication lines, – you can only hear the crackling and a characteristic murmur.

    Secondly, if the Russian army appears in front of UAF, it will be easy to determine.

    The first sign – failure of all means of communication, full discharging of batteries in vehicles, tanks and other equipment, at the same time, discharge of batteries in mobile phones, the targets, and radio stations. Then, there is a rapture of electric circuits throughout all the equipment – all of it. This is EMP. All engines stall, no way to restart. This is how the system „X“ works (in order to protect the author we do not specify the name), with a range of up to 20 km.

    Second – complete failure of all systems using LCD monitors, the failure of all target-locating devices of the air defense system. This is how the complex „Altair“ works (this is a known complex in the world, we can name it).

    Third – a failure to deploy any kinds of guided missile weapons – from MANPADS to PTURS [anti-tank guided reactive missile]. Upon launching, the ammunition liquidates itself.

    This is a battalion complex „Z“ – on the basis of MTLB [multi-target light armored transporter]. Range – 15 kilometers.

    Fourth – it is impossible to use a drone and low-flying aircraft. Their on board electronics will fail. This is system „Y“. Then there is a complex „Avtobaza“, which can forcibly land a drone.

    What will happen next? Dozens (hundreds, if necessary) of the latest combat helicopters, flying over all the roads, start hunting for single armored vehicles, trains, cars. Railroad is paralyzed, bridges blown up. The lights go out on the home front – electric stations are out of service. Civil and military headquarters on the home front and separate leaders simultaneously are liquidated by the recon-subversive groups.

    This is roughly how the Russian army would conduct military operations today. Therefore, the wet dreams about the „hero-cyborgs“, spitting flame on hundreds of Russian tanks, are better left to science fiction writers.“ …


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