Graue Membran

Unter freiem Himmel (2)

Wer hat die Kunstfasern erfunden und wo wurden sie zuerst industriell hergestellt und verarbeitet?


Woher kommt die sogenannte ‚Gen-Technik‘?


Diese alten Büroklammer-Experten geben doch nicht so einfach auf.



In der Ferne sieht man die schwere Bestrichung über der Ost-Front.




Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.



Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.


Es braucht also niemanden zu wundern, wenn jetzt die EBOLAIDS auf Kunstfasern vom Himmel geschwebt kommt.

Vielleicht zeigen sie ja auch bald wieder ihre Flugscheiben her.

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  1. Forget the Black Widow, these cobwebs are much more deadly! Military scientists spray spider webs with Ebola and the PLAGUE

    … Scientists are using web to test how long viruses and bacteria can survive

    They hope to find out how long it takes for the diseases to become safe

    The research is being conducted by the UK’s Ministry of Defence

    Cobwebs tend to take on a particular menace at this time of year, but military scientists have been conducting research that turns them into something deadly.

    Researchers working for the UK’s Ministry of Defence have been spraying spider webs with diseases including Ebola and the Black Death.

    The research is being conducted to test the lifespan of the bacteria and viruses that cause the diseases while in the environment. …

    Read more:

    – – –

    More strange fibers rain down from sky onto populace, samples taken

    … R. Dyved, a local FedEx driver, submitted the following information to Intellihub, including several photographs which show spiderweb-like fibrous strands that Dyved spotted himself falling from the sky which he later “managed” to collect samples of, putting them in a jar. …

    – – –

    – – –

    Emerging Viruses – AIDS – Ebola
    by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

    … This is the first in-depth exploration into the origins of HIV and Ebola. Claims that these „emerging viruses“ naturally evolved and then jumped species from ape to man seem grossly unfounded in light of the compelling evidence assembled in this extraordinary text. Alternatively, the possibility that these bizarre germs were laboratory creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted hepatitis and smallpox vaccines in the U.S. and Africa – as numerous authorities have alleged – is investigated herein. This book reviews the numerous viral vaccine studies conducted simultaneously in New York City and Central West Africa by a narrow network of virologists working for major military-medical contractors under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Included is Dr. Robert Gallo, the notorious discoverer of the AIDS virus. The text presents bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970’s when these researchers developed countless immune system ravaging viruses, and experimented with an assortment of antidote vaccines allegedly for „defense“ and cancer prevention. …

    – – –

    Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? by W. John Martin (Foreword), Leonard G. Horowitz (1-Apr-1996) Hardcover

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