4. November 2017

So sieht nun die Neue Himmels-Ordnung (NHO) aus.

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Das ist der real existierende Strichozialismus.

Der Spatz hat seine Würde nicht verloren, er beteiligt sich nicht an Revolutionen.

Und der Spatz singt ein Lied!

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  1. Worüber deutsche Medien schweigen
    Großaktionen in Berlin: „Kein Opfer ist vergessen“

    – – –

    As Communism Celebrates Its First 100 Years, The Souls Of Over 65,000,000 Dead Cry Out For Justice

    … Once in power in early 1918, the Bolsheviks renamed themselves the Communist Party as they sought to force-march Russia to socialism and, eventually, to history’s final stage. Millions set about trying to live in new ways. No one, however, knew precisely what the new society was supposed to look like. “We cannot give a characterization of socialism,” Lenin conceded in March 1918. “What socialism will be like when it reaches its completed form we do not know, we cannot say.” …

  2. America’s Bolshevik Revolution Moment Is Here

    … Have you heard about the coming Antifa attacks on November 4th? The goal is to bring down America through repeated violence. When the violence gets severe enough, the UN “Peacekeepers” will be called in. …

    – – –

    USA: Antifa marschiert gegen Trump auf!

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