Kriegswetter (2)

„Guten Morgen, ihr Luschen!“ – „Guten Morgen, Chef!“ – „Los, Sonnenaufgang durchführen, schnell, schnell!“ – „Zu Befehl!“

07:09 Uhr MEZ

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11:25 Uhr MEZ

„Melde gehorsamst, Sonnenaufgang planmäßig verstrichen!“

„Prima, Volltreffer! Soldaten, ihr habt euch euren Sold verdient. Hier ist euer Platz an der Sonne.“

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  1. The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves – And This Is Just The Beginning…

    … For now, the saber rattling is aggressive but the actions have been limited. This will not be the case for long. Some may ask why the establishment has not simply launched all out war now? Why start out small? Firstly, they need conservatives psychologically invested in the idea. This may require a false flag event or attack on American civilians. Secondly, they need to execute an extensive troop build-up, which could take a few months. Declarations of a „need for peace“ are always used to stall for time while the elites position for war.

    War with Iran is pointless, and frankly, unwinnable, and the elites know this. It’s not just a war with Iran, it is a war with Iran, their allies, and every other nation that reacts negatively to our actions. And, these nations do not have to react militarily, they can react economically by dumping US treasuries and the dollar as world reserve.

    The establishment wants the US embroiled in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. until we are so hollowed out from conflict that we collapse.

    They also need a considerable distraction to hide their responsibility for the implosion of the Everything Bubble and the economic pain that will come with it. The end game for the establishment is for America to self destruct, so that it can be rebuilt into something unrecognizable and eternally monstrous. They want every vestige of our original principles to be erased, and to do that, they need us to be complicit in our own destruction. They need us to participate. Don’t participate, and refuse to support new banker wars. Don’t be a War Pig. …

  2. Chinese state media release footage of military vehicles gathering at the Hong Kong border and warn that Beijing’s armed police can be mobilised to crack down on riots

    … The news outlet said the footage had emerged on social media today without commenting on its authenticity.

    However, the paper warned that Chinese law gives the country’s People’s Armed Police Force the right to deal with riots, chaos, serious violent incidents, terrorist attacks and other incidents regarding social security. …

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