Vorkriegswetter (21)

Es kommt, was kommen muss.

Die Last über Damaskus: Siehe, Damaskus hört auf, eine Stadt zu sein, und wird zu einer verfallenen Ruine.
(Die Bibel – Jesaja 17, 1)

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Du aber wirst heraufziehen, herankommen wie ein Unwetter; du wirst sein wie eine finstere Wolke, die das Land bedecken will, du und alle deine Truppen und viele Völker mit dir.
(Die Bibel – Hesekiel 38, 9)

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Wenn ihr aber Jerusalem von Kriegsheeren belagert seht, dann erkennt, daß seine Verwüstung nahe ist. Dann fliehe auf die Berge, wer in Judäa ist; und wer in [Jerusalem] ist, der ziehe fort aus ihr; und wer auf dem Land ist, der gehe nicht hinein in sie. Denn das sind Tage der Rache, damit alles erfüllt werde, was geschrieben steht. Wehe aber den Schwangeren und den Stillenden in jenen Tagen! Denn es wird große Not im Land sein und Zorn über dieses Volk! Und sie werden fallen durch die Schärfe des Schwerts und gefangen weggeführt werden unter alle Heiden. Und Jerusalem wird zertreten werden von den Heiden, bis die Zeiten der Heiden erfüllt sind.
(Die Bibel – Lukas 21, 20-24)

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Himmel und Erd‘ mag brennen, Hügel und Berg verschwinden …

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Der Himmel über dem blühenden Garten …


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  1. Weißes Haus bestätigt: USA beginnen militärischen Rückzug aus Syrien

    … Der Bericht, in dem behauptet wird, dass die USA den Abzug ihrer Truppen aus Syrien in Betracht ziehen, kam fast eine Woche nach der Ankündigung des türkischen Präsidenten Präsident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, dass die Türkei in wenigen Tagen eine grenzüberschreitende Operation durchführen wird, um Gebiete zu befreien, die von der YPG-Miliz gehalten werden. …


    – – –

    What’s Brewing? US Skedaddles Out of Syria as Russia Claims Ukraine Plotting War for NATO

    … Today on TruNews we analyze President Trump’s decision to abruptly withdraw U.S. troops from Syria at the behest of NATO-in-name-only leader, Turkish President Recep Erdogan. We explore the possibility that U.S. Marines may be deployed to Lebanon and the Golan Heights, or Ukraine as their military brass prepares to once again test Russia’s Kerch Straits with a NATO flotilla. …


  2. An IDF officer killed, second injured in special ops action in Gaza

    … Early Monday, the IDF spokesman issued the following communique: “In the course of an operation by an IDF special unit, an exchange of fire developed during which an Israeli officer was killed and a second injured [and evacuated to hospital in Beersheba]. The operation is over. The OC Southern Command ordered the roads between 232 and the Gaza border off-limits to traffic, excepting only local residents.” …


    – – –


    … They killed Mohammed Deif, Supreme commander of the Hamas Military. Word is the Palestinians wouldn’t go to the negotiating table so Bibi (Netanyahu) ordered the strike while in Paris as a show of force. The IDF forces drove in disguised as Muslim woman in full dress with small arms and nothing else. This will start WW3. …


  3. Russian special forces land in S. Syria. US Raptors “deter” Syrian, Iranian, Russian combat aircraft

    … The insertion of Russian units into this flashpoint border area stokes military tensions which are already rising in anticipation of the resumption of Israel’s air operations over Syria after a six-week pause. …

    … The Syrian scene is clearly heating up and all the parties are maneuvering for advantageous positions just two days before Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet in Paris on the sidelines of events marking the World War 1 armistice centenary. …


    – – –

    Chinese-Russian Alliance Poised to Launch a 7 Pronged Attack Designed to Destroy America

    … People will ask about a time frame for the attack. I believe that America will be embroiled in the beginning of a civil war when the attack commences. …


    – – –

    Antifa and Acosta: How the Radical Left is Becoming Dangerously Obnoxious

    … On today’s TRUNEWS, we discuss the attempted home invasion of domestic Democrat terrorists against Tucker Carlson, and what that means for the next two years leading up to the campaign for 2020. The team also addresses the changing tone at Fox News, moving away from the conservative base, as evidenced by corporate reprimands and intelligence lapel pins. …


    – – –

    Verhinderte Macron aus Eitelkeit das Gipfeltreffen zwischen Trump und Putin in Paris?

    … Nach Angaben der russischen Tageszeitung Kommersant soll es Macron gewesen sein, der das geplante bilaterale Treffen zwischen Donald Trump und Wladimir Putin am kommenden Sonntag in Paris zum Scheitern brachte. Der in den Medien und in den sozialen Netzwerken bereits als „Sonnenkönig“ titulierte Staatschef wollte anscheinend nicht, dass der russisch-amerikanische Gipfel seine eigenen Feierlichkeiten zum 100. Jahrestag seit dem Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs überstrahlt. Das berichtet Kommersant unter Berufung auf eine europäische diplomatische Quelle. …


    – – –

    Donald Trump beginnt Besuch in Frankreich mit Angriffen gegen Emmanuel Macron

    … US-Präsident Donald Trump hat unmittelbar nach der Landung seiner Regierungsmaschine „Air Force One“ seinen Gastgeber Emmanuel Macron verbal angegriffen. Der französische Präsident habe nämlich dazu aufgefordert, eine eigene europäische Streitkraft zu bilden, die dann auch zum Schutz vor Ländern wie den USA, Russland oder China eingesetzt werden könne. …


    – – –


    … The spark was a financial crash. The response to the financial crash by the financial and governmental entities, along with their Deep State co-conspirators who created the financial collapse due to their greed and malfeasance, led to the incomprehensible election of Donald Trump, as the deplorables in flyover country evoked revenge upon the corrupt establishment.

    The chain reaction of unyielding responses by the left and the right accelerates at a breakneck pace, with absolutely no possibility of compromise. A new emergency or winner take all battle seems to be occurring on a weekly basis, with the mid-term elections as the likely trigger for the next phase of this Fourth Turning. ..


    – – –

    Civil War Is Coming To America – Steve Quayle

    … Quayle thinks what is going on is global. Quayle says, “People have got to understand the New World Order is about ‘out with the old world and basically the foundation of Christianity’ . . . to substitute a Luciferian elitist world and the destruction of mankind. . . . …


    – – –

    Why the U.S. Military is Woefully Unprepared for a Major Conventional Conflict

    … There is very little chance that the reforms mentioned in this analysis will be adopted, or that the United States will move in a direction that brings it back to its inception as a constitutional republic. The interests of the military industrial complex in promoting conflict, and maximizing financial profit will continue to steer the United States military, and the nation as a whole, on an unsustainable and self-destructive path. There is little doubt that if the Deep State pushes the nation to war against Russia or China, and likely an alliance of the two, that the United States military has ever been in a weaker position. Such a conflict would be of no benefit to any of the nations concerned, yet many potential flash points exist that could lead to a conflict, including the South China Sea, Syria or Ukraine. As the United States plays catch-up after decades of military adventurism, China and Russia have spent that same time patiently and judiciously gathering their strength. The scenario of a one-sided victory in favor of the United States is pure fantasy, existing only in the daydreams of the emperor who wears no clothes. …


    – – –

    Secret plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within ‚German SAS‘ to slaughter politicians and immigrants in mission known as ‚Day X‘ is smashed after former major confesses all

    … A report on the thwarting of the neo-Nazis reads: ‚Numerous interrogations paint a picture of a conspiratorial force that is not supposed to shy away from the killing of political opponents.‘
    The racists were going to unleash Day X when law and order collapsed – something they regarded as ‚imminent‘. …

    – – –

    ‚Very insulting!‘ Trump touches down in France to commemorate end of World War One with attack on his host Emmanuel Macron for suggesting Europe needs its own army to protect itself from the US


  4. Ende des Friedensprozesses? Palästinenserführung will Israel nicht länger anerkennen

    … Der Zentralrat der Palästinensischen Befreiungsorganisation PLO hat beschlossen, Israel nicht mehr als Staat anzuerkennen. Darüber hinaus werde so lange jede Art von Zusammenarbeit im Bereich Sicherheit und Wirtschaft ausgesetzt, bis Israel den Staat Palästina anerkennt. …


  5. Experte spricht von indirekter Kriegserklärung der USA an Russland und Iran

    … „Das ist eine neue Taktik der USA. Sie steuern Drohnen, die Militärstützpunkte Russlands angreifen. In letzter Zeit ist das mehrmals passiert. Solches Verhalten der USA grenzt an Provokationen, die leider verstärkte Spannungen zur Folge haben und in einen Krieg münden könnten. Das ist Abenteuer, die USA spielen mit dem Feuer“, sagte Rouivaran und verglich ein derartiges Szenario mit indirekter Kriegserklärung, die gefährliche Folgen nach sich ziehen könnte. …


    – – –

    Experte: Vierer-Gipfel zeigt politische Niederlage des Westens

    … Die Teilnahme Frankreichs und Deutschlands am Vierer-Gipfel in Istanbul hat die politische „Überlegenheit“ Russlands in der syrischen Frage bewiesen …


    – – –

    Nach Vierer-Gipfel zu Syrien: Putin, Erdogan, Merkel und Macron vor der Presse

    … Der türkische Präsident Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Frankreichs Staatschef Emmanuel Macron, der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin und Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel treten am Samstag in der türkischen Stadt Istanbul vor die Presse, um die Ergebnisse ihrer Gespräche zu Syrien mitzuteilen. Das Treffen findet erstmals in einem solchen Format statt. …


    – – –

    Benjamin Netanjahu ruft zu weltweitem Kampf gegen Antisemitismus auf

    … Nach dem antisemitischen Hassverbrechen mit elf Toten …


    – – –

    Zeitung: Xi besucht Militär und ordnet „Kriegsvorbereitungen“ an

    … „Es ist nötig, die Mission zu stärken… und sich auf Vorbereitungen auf einen Krieg zu konzentrieren“, sagte Xi nach Angaben des Blattes. Dabei sollten die komplexe Situation berücksichtigt und entsprechend „Notfallpläne“ erstellt werden. …


    – – –

    Als Muslimbruder und Osama bin Laden-Fan ein Gegner des saudischen Königshauses
    Zerstückelungs-Mord an Khashoggi war auch inner-islamischer Konflikt

    … Wie auch die ägyptischen Muslimbrüder scheiterte Khashoggi mit seinem Kampf für einen reinen fundamental-islamischen Scharia-Staat, so wie es die Radikal-Moslems im Islamischen Staat realisierten. Er hat sich mit einem sehr mächtigen Gegner angelegt, dem saudischen Kronprinzen Mohammed bin Salman und damit dem gesamten Königshaus, das seine Macht keineswegs aufgeben möchte. So gab es nun einen inner-islamischen Machtkampf, der nach den Regeln des Korans ein brutal-grausames Ende gefunden hat. …


  6. ‘Strong blow’ looming? Israel masses tanks & APCs on Gaza border (PHOTOS)

    … Israel has boosted its military presence along the border with Gaza amid top politicians’ calls for a full-scale military campaign like the conflict of 2014, to put an end to the violence and rocket attacks that it links to Hamas.

    The IDF has stationed around 60 tanks and armored personnel carriers at a deployment area near the Palestinian border, according to Reuters, in what may be the largest military maneuver from Israel since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge. …


  7. Here it comes: War in Gaza – Israel deploys Tanks, Armor, Seals Area with Cement Blocks

    … All Egyptian Flags flown by homes or businesses inside Gaza, have suddenly been taken down. Not known why.

    Arab media in Gaza is publicly calling for all Gazans to participate in protests Friday.

    Israel is 7 hours ahead of the US east coast, and events are expected to kick-off after daily prayers later today. …

    … My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community have directly told me to „The people in Gaza are not backing down. The Israelis are not backing down. Today is the day. Expect war to break out later today.“ …


  8. Trump’s peace plan for two Palestinian states kicked off by fuel trucks for Gaza

    … Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu won praise from US special ME negotiator Jason Greenblatt for letting the Qatar-funded fuel trucks go through to the Gaza Strip on Oct 9. That is because its was the first step, DEBKAfile reports, towards implementing the administration’s Israel-Palestinian peace plan, partnered with Israel and Egypt, to eventually separate the Gaza Strip from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) to form two separate Palestinian entities. …


  9. Russia ramps up anti-Israel measures in Syria for possible war of attrition

    … At some point in the last 48 hours, the fallout from the Russian Il-20 plane disaster has evolved into hostile steps by Moscow against Israel, as reported by DEBKAfile.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced on Friday, Sept. 28 that Russia had already handed over advanced S-300 missile defense systems to Syria. This was a day after Russian National Security Adviser Nikolai Patrushev met in Tehran with his counterpart Ali Shamkhani. A tradeoff was to have been offered at that meeting, whereby Israeli would call off its air strikes in Syria if Iran stopped sending arms to Hizballah via Syria. Israel was given to understand by Russian officials that this deal would be sealed at an early face-to-face between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Until then. the S-300s would be held in abeyance. However, as Lavrov indicated, either Israel was misled, or Moscow sharply changed course in the last 48 hours. Netanyahu responded to the Russian disclosure by calling the S-300 handover to Syria “irresponsible.” …


  10. The real Russian threat

    … Dictator Vladimir Putin has convinced most Russians that nuclear civil defense drills involving 20 million Russians are necessary, and VOSTOK-18 is necessary, because World War III is imminent.

    Very relevant reading is the now declassified report “The Soviet ‘War Scare’” by the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board about how a 1983 military exercise nearly became nuclear war — because of paranoid miscalculation in Moscow.

    So maybe gigantic Russian military exercises like VOSTOK-18 — that simulated two nuclear strikes against the United States in one week — deserve a lot more attention from Washington and the press than Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s teen-age sex life? …


  11. TruNews at United Nations: Day 3

    … TruNews continues coverage as President Trump makes his presence known to the international elite gathered for the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations. Team members Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart provide insight and commentary on the gathering of the Security Council, over which the President held the gavel. Later, watch as Edward Szall gets to ask a question of the the President during a specially called press conference. …


    – – –

    News from the Wall – America in Crisis – Updated now on Youtube

    … Nathan & Donna Leal share the untold truth about America’s developing Constitutional Crisis where a storm is about to EXPLODE…

    Donald J. Trump has participated in money laundering for several decades. The Mob Operation used the sale of his real estate to launder money for Russian oligarchs, drug cartels, and dictators.

    As a result, Trump is compromised. He is a “Putin kompromat,” posing as a president.

    This ain’t “Fake News” folks! And it is about to get worse…

    In order, to prevent his downfall, Trump needs a distraction with a national emergency and a war … which is developing! …


    – – –

    Trump and Netanyahu skipped the Israeli-Russian crisis until after an early PM-Putin encounter

    … The issue of the Israeli-Russian crisis was therefore left outside their agenda when Trump and Netanyahu sat down on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, pending the latter’s interview with Putin. Both were optimistic about Putin making the right decision to call off the delivery of S-300 missiles to Syria and removing it as an issue. But since on Wednesday, all the balls were still up in the air, a distraction was needed to put the reporters off the scent. “I like a two-state solution,” the US President said half-jokingly, in reference to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. This served the purpose. The reporters hared off with a new headline on familiar ground without asking awkward questions about the fresh crisis still hanging over the Middle East. …


  12. Netanyahu: IDF to continue anti-Iran strikes in Syria, despite S-300

    … On Tuesday morning Netanyahu held a special security cabinet meeting and brief the ministers on events with Syria, Russia and Iran.

    The cabinet ministers also expressed sorrow over the loss of Russian lives, Netanyahu said.

    “We will continue to act to prevent the Iranian military build up in Syria and to continue with the security coordination between the IDF and the Russian army,” Netanyahu said.

    He added that he and Putin had agreed that representatives from the Israeli and Russian armies would meet soon to discuss continued coordination in Syria.

    “We will do what is necessary to defend Israel’s security,” Netanyahu said. …


  13. MAJOR Development: Syria

    … Russian Air Force cargo planes are arriving almost non-stop into Latakia air base and covert Intelligence reports what they are delivering. …


    – – –

    IDF and Russian army on collision course in Syria

    … Putin may continue to smile at Netanyahu, while at the same time directing his defense ministry to close Syrian air space against all foreign aircraft, not just Israeli warplanes. This would shut down Israel’s air campaign for eradicating Iran’s military grip on Syria – or bring it in conflict with Russian forces. This would happen if the US and Israel decided for their part, to put Putin’s directive to the test. Therefore, just as Russia’s air force is no doubt planning its next steps in Syria, so too are the US and Israel. …


    – – –

    Russia to Israel: Who is in control of your military? Says Israel „Ungrateful“ and „Criminally Negligent“ in Downing of IL-20 Plane


    – – –

    Ahvaz attack reveals Tehran under heavy pressure at home and in regional wars

    … All these setbacks are symptomic of a weakening at the core off the Shiite regime in Tehran and its intelligence agencies, under the crushing burdens of mounting terrorist attacks by minority groups in southern and northern Iran and Tehran’s drive for dominance on major external fronts, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, amid crippling US economic sanctions. In these circumstances, the regime in Tehran is bound to hit back at its enemies with the “resolve and swiftness” promised Saturday its military spokesman pledged after the Ahvaz attack. …


    – – –

    Iran’s elite guards vow ‘deadly’ revenge as Tehran blames US & allies for parade attack

    … Now the influential Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) says it knows who organized the attack, while adding they are willing to pursue the attackers “regionally and beyond.”

    “Considering [the Guards’] full knowledge about the centers of deployment of the criminal terrorists’ leaders… they will face a deadly and unforgettable vengeance in the near future,” the IRGC said in a statement Sunday. …


    – – –

    Nach Anschlag auf Militärparade: Iran droht USA mit „vernichtender“ Vergeltung

    … „Unsere Antwort wird vernichtend und verheerend sein“, zitiert Reuters den Vize-Chef der Elitetruppe, Hossein Salami, der damit auch Israel Rache ankündigte. …


    – – –

    Tactical nuclear weapons in the modern nuclear era

    … While many of Russia’s tactical nuclear systems date from the Soviet era, Moscow has demonstrated several new capabilities. In December 2015, as part of its intervention in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Russia launched its new Kalibr cruise missile at targets in Syria from a submarine in the Mediterranean.[59] Shortly after the launch, the Kremlin published a statement from President Putin in which he praised the effectiveness of the missiles and noted that these are “highly effective high-precision weapons that can be equipped either with conventional or special nuclear warheads”.[60] The Kalibr (which also has an air-launched version) has a reported range of 2000 kilometres, giving Russia a modern and precise theatre nuclear attack capability.[61] In addition to this demonstration of the Kalibr’s precision strike capabilities, there is growing evidence that Russia may be equipping its attack submarines and their cruise missiles with tactical nuclear warheads while on patrol, including off the eastern seaboard of the United States. …


    – – –

    Russia to supply S-300 to Syria within 2 weeks after Il-20 downing during Israeli raid – MoD

    … The third measure announced by the Russian defense ministry is a blanket of electronic countermeasures over Syrian coastline, which would “suppress satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory.”

    Shoigu said the measures are meant to “cool down ‘hotheads’ and prevent misjudged actions posing a risk to our service members.” He added that if such a development fails to materialize, the Russian military “would act in accordance to the situation.” …


  14. Israeli Military Delegation to Moscow – Thrown out by Russians after 21 Minutes

    … The highest ranking members of Israeli military traveled to Moscow to explain and talk about the shoot down of a Russian IL-20 Electronic Intelligence Aircraft during an Israeli attack upon Syria. The Israelis wanted to meet with President Putin and Russian military leaders to explain what THEY say took place. It didn’t go well.

    President Putin refused to meet the delegation. …


    – – –

    Russia & Israel at odds over cause of Il-20 crash after Israeli air force chief’s Moscow talks

    … Russia and Israel agreed to continue their military coordination in Syria, although Israel’s Air Force chief Maj.-Gen Amikam Nurkin and Russian officers differed sharply on the circumstances which caused the Russian Il-20 spy plane to crash last Monday. The absence of a joint Russian-Israel communique summing up a day and-a-night of intense interviews upon the departure of the Israeli delegation on Friday, Sept. 21 indicated that each side adhered to is own version of the event and the crisis between Moscow and Jerusalem is not over. …


  15. Il-20-Abschuss über Syrien: Russland zeigt Bewegungsschema israelischer F-16

    … Israelische Jets hätten sich hinter dem russischen Flugzeug versteckt und zum Zeitpunkt, als es zur Landung ansetzte, den Angriff auf Ziele in der syrischen Provinz Latakia begonnen. Die russische Maschine mit 15 Militärs am Bord wurde demnach von der syrischen Luftabwehr S-200 abgeschossen. …


    – – –

    Moskau stuft provokatives Vorgehen Israels als feindlich ein

    … Russlands Verteidigungsministerium hält die provokativen Handlungen Israels für feindselig. Dies erklärte der amtliche Sprecher des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums, Generalmajor Igor Konaschenkow.

    „Wir stufen die provokativen Handlungen Israels als feindlich ein“, sagte Konaschenkow. …


    – – –

    Nach israelischer Attacke: Russlands Militärflugzeug verschwindet vom Radar in Syrien

    … Wie eine Quelle in der russischen Staatsbehörde gegenüber Sputnik in den frühen Montagsstunden mitteilt, sei der Kontakt zu der Crew des Militärflugzeuges am Samstag nachts um 23 Uhr örtlicher Zeit abgebrochen — das Aufklärungsflugzeug vom Typ Il-20 sei in einer Entfernung von 35 Kilometern vor der Küste vom Radar der russischen Luftwaffenbasis Hmeimim in Syrien verschwunden. Zur selben Zeit soll ein Luftangriff der israelischen Streitkräfte gegen Ziele in Syrien stattgefunden haben. …


    – – –

    Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16s used it as cover during attack – MoD

    … The Russian military says an Israeli raid on Syria triggered a chain of events that led to its Il-20 plane being shot down by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile. Moscow reserves the right to respond accordingly. …


  16. Japan is hit by 6.7 magnitude earthquake, killing eight and triggering huge landslides that have buried dozens of people – two days after killer typhoon smashed the country

    … Multiple, large-scale landslides struck the sparsely populated countryside, which was also hit by the edge of Typhoon Jebi that surged through Japan earlier this week killing at least 11. …


    – – –

    Februar 1998 / Dänemark Emanuel Minos

    … Eine alte Dame von 90 Jahren aus Valdres in Norwegen erhielt 1968 eine Vision von Gott. Der Evangelist Emanuel Minos hielt Versammlungen ab in dem Ort, wo sie wohnte. Er Hatte sie getroffen, und sie erzählte ihm, was sie gesehen hatte. er schrieb es auf, meinte aber doch, dass es so unglaublich klang, und legte es in eine Schublade. …


    – – –

    Did a 90 Yr-Old Norwegian Woman Prophesy World War 3?

    … Today on TruNews we share a prophecy from 1968 given to a Norwegian woman, which made the predictions of televised sin-filled media, mass migration throughout Europe and a Third World War before the return of Jesus Christ. …


    – – –

    Warntag NRW – Was ist das?

    … Um 10 Uhr werden zeitgleich in allen Kommunen die örtlichen Warnkonzepte getestet. Dazu zählen beispielsweise Sirenen. …


  17. 26 Russian Air Strikes against Idlib, Syria so far today; ISRAELI FIGHTER JET HIT BY SYRIAN MISSILE

    … An Israeli fighter was hit by a ground air rocket from Tartous base and made a forced landing on Incirlik base, Turkey. …


    – – –

    Russland: Erdbeben der Stärke 5,5 am Ural-Gebirge registriert

    … 133 Kilometer östlich der russischen Stadt Ufa am Ural-Gebirge hat sich in der Nacht zum Mittwoch ein Erdbeben der Stärke 5,5 ereignet, meldet das European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

    Der Meldung zufolge soll sich das Epizentrum des Bebens in einer Tiefe von etwa zehn Kilometern befunden haben. …


    – – –

    Russlands “Area 51”: Geheimkomplex Yamantau (Videos)


  18. Droht Konfrontation mit USA im Mittelmeer? Russland stationiert 17 Kampfschiffe zum Schutz Syriens

    … Angesichts neuer Drohungen aus den USA, syrische Truppen zu bombardieren, hat Russland neue Kriegsschiffe aus dem Schwarzen Meer in das östliche Mittelmeer verlegt. Auf diese Weise will Moskau einer Eskalation, wie bereits in der Vergangenheit geschehen, den Weg versperren.

    Das russische Verteidigungsministerium sagte am Montag, es habe bemerkt, dass Washington seine Streitkräfte im Nahen Osten zusammenzieht. Die USA bereiten sich auf einen neuen möglichen Luftangriff gegen syrische Regierungstruppen vor, berichteten russische Nachrichtenagenturen. …


  19. Israelischer Abgeordneter: Jüdische Rasse ist das auserwählte, das klügste und herausragendste Volk

    … Die „jüdische Rasse“ sei die klügste der Welt und besitze das größte menschliche Kapital. Genau deshalb seien die Israelis besonders skeptisch gegenüber den aktuellen Korruptionsermittlungen gegen Benjamin Netanjahu, sagte ein israelischer Parlamentarier. …


  20. Hass-Fest in Istanbul
    Erdogan vergleicht Israel mit dem Dritten Reich

    … Erdogan lässt Massen aufmarschieren, um gegen Israel zu wüten!

    Hunderttausende Demonstranten, ein Meer aus türkischen und palästinensischen Flaggen, so inszenierte sich der türkische Präsident Recep Tayyip Erdogan, um gegen Israel zu giften. Motto der Veranstaltung: „Verurteilt Unterdrückung – Unterstützt Jerusalem!“

    Erdogan hetzte: „Die radikalen Zionisten beschmutzen mit ihren dreckigen Stiefeln unsere Al-Aksa-Moschee (in Jerusalem).“ Unerträglich, und die Masse jubelte ihm zu.

    Mit Israels Regierung will Erdogan angeblich nicht mehr reden: „Der Tyrann, der kein Recht und Gerechtigkeit kennt, wird auch von Gesprächen nichts verstehen.“ …


  21. Israeli snipers kill scores of Palestinians and wound 1,300 as 35,000 protesters rally against the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem overseen by Trump’s Middle East envoy Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka


    – – –

    „Die Busse sind schuld!“ – Uli Gack und Claus Kleber sorgen sich um den schwindenden US-Einfluss im Irak

    … Folgt man transatlantischen Propagandisten wie Gack und Kleber, dann wird „Gleichgewicht“ durch Krieg, Putsch und Besatzung hergestellt und nicht etwa durch Wahlen. Das gilt selbstverständlich nur, wenn einem das Wahlergebnis nicht in den Kram passt. Es sind bittere Zeiten für die Maulhuren des bellizistischen Imperiums: Ein „Horrorclown“ als Präsident, Handelskrieg, EU-Zerfall, der Libanon wählt Hisbollah, der Irak wählt schiitische Bündnisse und der angestiftete Massenmord in Syrien hat Russland und den Iran stark gemacht. Die so verblödeten wie verbrecherischen Täter in ARD und ZDF würden ihren entscheidenden Anteil an all dem rundheraus leugnen. …


  22. Iran Nuke Deal — Bribes, Treason and Fraud – Dave Janda

    … It’s way more than the $1 billion or so the Obama Administration admitted to giving the number one state sponsor of terror. Janda, who has high ranking sources in Intel, politics and law enforcement, explains, “Everybody got a piece of this. My contacts say when this happens, the cash gets lighter. (Meaning, everybody gets a cut of the money.) I spoke to my contacts about the cash part of this and, according to my contacts behind the curtain about this stuff, they say it’s more than the $1.5 billion that folks have been speaking about, significantly more. My contacts are also convinced that some of that cash was filtered back to Obama, the Clinton Foundation, John Kerry himself, but not through him, through accounts through his wife Teresa. The money also went to (George) Soros and to European leaders. You can understand why Angele Merkel came jetting over to talk to Trump on the Iranian deal and why Macron came over. . . . Some of this money was laundered through the banking syndicate, which the Rothschilds are huge players.”

    So, the Western leaders, who were a part of this Iran no signature “deal,” are up for treason and fraud? Janda says, “Yes, based on the information my sources are telling me.”

    It gets worse. Janda says there was a so-called “deal within the deal” inside the Iran nuke deal. It involves drug trafficking between Iran and drug cartels south of the U.S. Border. Janda says, “The way the drug trade does business is in cash. So, according to my sources, this ‘deal within the deal’ with Iran was a deal that keeps spitting out more and more money because of this drug pipeline between Iran, South America, Central America and Mexico. . . . My source also told me that while Kerry was publicly meeting with Iran . . . at the same time, Obama reportedly, according to my source, took a little quick trip to Columbia to meet with people on the other end of the ‘deal within the deal.’” …


  23. Iran ist seit über 10 Jahren Atommacht – Iran Deal von Anfang an eine Farce

    … Nach Aussagen von Hans Rühle, ehemaligem Leiter des Planungsstabes beim Bundesverteidigungsministerium und später bei der NATO tätig, war der Iran-Deal von Anfang an eine Farce. Der Iran war bei Abschluss des Deals schon seit 10 Jahren im Besitz von Atombewaffnung. …


    – – –

    SS-N-26 Onyx Yakhont P-800 – Super Sunburn Missile – Amazing Footage

  24. How Rothschild Would Compromise Trump and Netanyahu In Order to Bring Us WW III

    … Missles are flying, bombs are dropping in the Middle East. The world approaches a major conflict. Why is this happening? Who will win? What are the objectives?

    Almost two weeks ago, a major Trump campaign donor, Gary Heavin, came on The Common Sense Show, and stated that he had been fooled and that Trump had been compromised for a very long time. I agree with Gary that Trump has been compromised, at least when it comes to Middle East affairs. I am just not sure for how long Trump has been compromised. I am saying that Gary is wrong, I am just not sure. However, when it comes to Syria and Iran, there is no question that Trump is compromised. On almost all other issues, he remains in charge, at least for the time being

    How was Trump compromised? I have contemplated this and have decided to construct a hypothetical set of conversations that Rothchilds, Netanyahu and Trump have likely had to get to this point. …


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