Alte Akten

Erste Versuche unter dem Arbeitstitel „Blauer Strahl“.


Die ersten Schritte.


Zentral-Stern Eins im Untergang.


(Dank geht an Amsel für die Fotos)

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  1. Operation Blue Beam Is the Trump Card to Stop Donald’s Run for the Presidency

    … The world seems poised to go to war, the next war to end all wars. Only this time, it might be true. But what if the next invasion was not from this Earth, but from an extraterrestrial source? I am not really suggesting that little gray space aliens are going to invade the planet. However, the globalists have a plot to make you believe that this is the case. It is the “Plan B from Outer Space”. …

  2. Chemical Aerosols Provide Canvas For China’s “Floating City” Hologram

    … Most who witness this image are immediately impressed, however closer scrutiny reveals what appears to be a relatively crude attempt at projecting a 3-D image. Many people reportedly witnessed it but no one has yet volunteered to name the structures or describe where it might be actually located, assuming this was a case of a “Fata Morgana” mirage.

    The obvious cloudiness is a clue that the atmosphere was seeded with aerosols to facilitate a 3-D projection. A more sophisticated technological attempt using aircraft to dump aerosols into the large targeted area of intended “Project Blue beam” deception could have a startling effect on the thousands of uneducated masses. …

  3. The Coming Alien Invasion of the Earth

    … Pope Francis has said that he would be willing to baptize aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors to anyone, even Martians”.

    According to multiple sources within the Vatican, Pope Francis wants to avoid the long-term embarrassment that the church experienced during the time of Galileo when it was clearly revealed that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. Reportedly the Pope wants to position the Jesuit Order to incorporate a new reality which consists of the acceptance of accepting a new reality of alien existence which are telepathic and this will form the basis between humans and advanced aliens. I believe that this is what the Bible refers to as the Great Deception. …

    – – –

    Is this the Loch Ness ALIEN? Holidaymaker captures extraordinary photo of strange disc-shaped UFO in the Highlands

    … But they did not realise quite how unusual the picture was until Mr Betts and his wife returned home and started looking through their holiday pictures.

    The couple were bewildered when they spotted the strange, glowing, white shapes hovering over the loch. …

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