Graue Membran

Präsidiales Abschiedswetter nach Kanzlerinnen Art (4)

Heute das regent hier.


Nachmittag dann der Regent kommen.


Und alles gelenkt werden vom die Regent hinter die Kulisse.


Neues nicht geben auf Erde unter Sonne.


Jetzt du verstehen?

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  1. ‘Nov. 4 It Begins’

    … The group, which calls itself Refuse Fascism, launched its get-the-word-out efforts Tuesday evening by blocking the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. Protesters “took a knee” while holding up letter signs that spelled out “NOV 4 IT BEGINS.” …

    … The group’s co-founder, Sunsara Taylor, says she does not condemn “any tactics” used in protest because of the “extraordinarily fascist nature of the Trump administration.” …

    – – –

    This Is NOT about Football. This is about WAR!

    … What Obama is doing is deliberately revolutionary in every sense of the word and completely outside the experience of his political opposition. He has moved the locus of action from the air waves and the ballot box to the street and the sports stadium. This use of direct action is a dangerous move into uncharted territory, fraught with risk for the current political process, the American governing structure, and civil peace. Obama’s radical thugs will use direct action to foment racial violence, instigate attacks on police and traditional cultural symbols, and use the resulting social chaos to push through every Marxist goal, including gun control, amnesty for illegals, increased taxation, unlimited deficit spending and greater federal power. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, the flummoxed Republican Party’s feeble effort to oppose Obama’s rapid advance is the political equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight. OFA is ACORN on steroids. It coordinates Obama’s posse of union thugs, assorted radicals, overt Communists, sympathetic national and local “news“ organizations, and other useful idiots in direct action campaigns to neutralize the opposition and destroy the traditional American political process. …

  2. LIVE: Obama’s visit to Germany – Arrival

    … US President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in the German Capital, Berlin, for a three-day visit on Wednesday, November 16, for a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and European leaders from France, Spain, Italy and the UK. …

    – – –

    Is blitz on Aleppo the start of Putin’s war to rebuild USSR? As Russian missiles rain down on besieged city – and Trump cosies up to Putin – a Kremlin expert’s chilling warning

    Read more:

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