Die Sonne scheint

Aus dem wolkenlosen Himmel taucht ein Müllitär-Hubschrauber auf, er befindet sich im Landeanflug auf die Müllkippe. Die Piloten tragen dicke Sonnenbrillen, denn …

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… heute scheint die Sonne.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Es ist schönes Wetter, wie man hier so sagt.

Die Berliner Luft, Luft, Luft zeigt, was so alles in ihr steckt.

Welche Jahreszeit haben wir eigentlich?

Kam der Sprühling nicht irgendwo vor dem Sommer?

Jetzt kommt der Untergang.

Das war es gewesen, nun scheint die Sonne woanders weiter.

Für morgen wird uns schon wieder schönes Wetter angedroht.


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  1. Sunspot Observatory Evacuation Mystery Becomes Even Creepier As Inside Footage Of The ‚Ghost Town‘ Emerges

    … What many do not know about the Sunspot Solar Observatory is how massive a site it is, and that it is a „town,“ for lack of a better word, with homes, their own gas station, post office, a laundromat and other facilities…. and they were all evacuated.

    It is now a ghost town as you will see below after a YouTuber decided to cross the yellow tape and stop sign and take a walk through the area, with his camera rolling.

    The result is no less than extremely creepy. …

  2. Wild Theories Are Flying Regarding The FBI’s Sudden And Mysterious Closure Of The National Solar Observatory

    … Did they see something that they weren’t supposed to see? On September 6th, a team of FBI agents backed up by Blackhawk choppers stormed into the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico and totally shut the place down. Everyone inside was suddenly “evacuated”, and the observatory has not reopened since then. So why are they being so secretive about this incident? Why won’t the authorities tell us what is going on? Terror threats are thwarted all the time, and normally authorities are very open about these sorts of things. …

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