Fressen und Saufen

Jeder lebt seinen Glauben.


Also laßt uns auch jedem einen erfolgreichen Tag wünschen.


Denn je schneller alles vorbei ist, …


… umso weniger müssen die Unschuldigen leiden.


Fressen und Saufen machen blind und taub.

Und Sorgen macht sich jemand, der seinen Schöpfer nicht kennt.


Wer seinen Schöpfer nicht kennt, hat auch keine Ahnung von seiner Verantwortung vor Gott und seinem Nächsten.

Jeder Glauben muß sich bewähren und jedes Leben wird auf die Probe gestellt.


Lukas 21, 34-35

Die Bibel – Lukas 21, 34-35

Wirst du an diesem jenen Tage stehen oder stolpern?


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  1. The Muslim prayer at Rome’s Coliseum was a declaration of war

    That mass prayer means that it is not possible to turn Muslims into liberal secularists. Quite the contrary.

    … Something dramatic happened last Friday in Rome and slowly,slowly we are starting to decipher it. A vast, silent mass of hundreds of Muslim faithful gathered to pray in front of Rome’s Coliseum.

    They chose a symbol of Western culture and did so under the wise guidance of political Imams. This was not an Islam respectful of the secular and democratic nature of Italian institutions. It was the political branch of an Islam that does not separate state and mosque, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose slogan has never changed since the time of Hassan al-Banna: “Allah is our goal, the Prophet our leader, the Koran our law, the jihad our way, dying for the way of Allah is our greatest hope”.

    That spectacular Islamic mass was like a refusal of the illusion of a cultural “peace” slowly being strangled and punctuated with Koranic invocations. Something similar had already happened in front of Milan’s main cathedral and Bologna’s church of San Petronio, the target of Islamic fundamentalism because of a fresco by Giovanni da Modena that depicts Mohammed among the damned, in accordance with Dante’s Divine Comedy. …

    – – –

    Muslims stage protest prayers near Rome’s Colosseum
    Organisers staged demonstrations after authorities closed down five makeshift mosques on administrative grounds.

    … „We feel people are pointing the finger at us,“ said Francesco Tieri, a convert to Islam who acts as a coordinator for a number of Islamic groups.

    „There is no political will to recognise that we are here and that we are a peaceful community. We are forced to rent places to pray – which for us is like breathing air. If we can’t do it, we die.“ …

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