Pleiteplanet (2)

Berlin radelt für ein gutes Klima und der Himmel ist verstrichen.

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Mehr Urlaub? Wo denn, etwa unter diesem Strichhimmel?

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Jetzt weiß ich, wo ich bin: in der Umweltzone auf dem Pleiteplaneten.

Na endlich ein Bringdienst, der auch wegbringt. Ja, das Bringen hat geklappt, das kann man nicht anders sagen, das ist echt eine Bereicherung. Aber nun bitte auch wieder wegbringen, hier hört sich der Spaß dann doch auf.

Ich bewege mich im Müllraum wie ein Fisch, der gegen den Strom schwimmt.

Das Schiff vom Müllitär kontrolliert den Landwehrkanal und sammelt ein, was die Leute nicht mehr brauchen: die Opfer der Mülldiskriminierung. Auch der typische Berliner Mietfahrradmüll darf nicht fehlen. Gestohlene und in den Kanal geworfene Einkaufswagen gehen unter, deswegen sind hier keine zu sehen, man bräuchte ein kleines U-Boot. Vielleicht könnten die Grünen auch dafür noch ein paar „Finanzen“ locker machen?

Ansonsten ist schönes Vorkriegswetter, die Sonne scheint.

Hier scheint niemand etwas von unserer Not zu ahnen.

Gehe nicht in diese Nacht, aus der niemand mehr erwacht.

Lass dich wenigstens von den Vögeln warnen!

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    … Saving in gold would be an anathema to anyone in the West. Virtually no individual saves any of his money in gold. Instead the average American or European spends all of his income and then borrows a lot more for consumption, studies, cars or a house/apartment.

    So the Chinese Gold Line is the first line which I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Virtually nobody in the West understands the significance of this line. The line signifies the desperation of people after a period of severe mismanagement of a country’s finances. The whole world is today in a similar situation. After over 100 years of destruction of paper money by way of massive credit build up and money printing, we will soon get to the point when people around the world will be desperate to get hold of real money or gold. But at that point it will be too late. …

    … The modern use of the Maginot line expression is: “A strategy which inspires a false sense of security”.

    The Maginot line, or Gold Maginot Line, I refer to is the line of resistance in the gold price since August 2013. As the chart below shows, the gold price has been held below the $1,350 level for the last 5 1/2 years. The line was attacked in 2016 and 2018 but without success. Whether the line just represents 5 years of consolidation or whether it has been actively defended by the BIS and bullion banks doesn’t really matter. No one must believe that the line will hold. It is extremely likely to be penetrated conclusively in 2019 and most probably within maximum the next three months. And once it is broken, the correction of gold is finally over and we are on our ways to new highs and much beyond. …

  2. In The New „Multipolar World“ The Globalists Still Control All The Players

    … If we take into account the reality of globalist influence in all major economies, then we have to also take into account the possibility that the “global economic reset” is not about a “multipolar world,” but an even more centralized unipolar world. A world which sacrifices the U.S. model along with the dollar as world reserve and replaces it with something EVEN WORSE.

    In the meantime, liberty activists are lately being told that they should rally around the death of dollar and the global reset as if it is the end of globalism. In other words, we are supposed to stupidly believe that the shift to the new world order is “decentralization” simply because they call it “multipolar.” Just because the U.S. is no longer the face of the beast does not mean the beast is gone. …

    – – –

    Making plans for a new world order

    … In this situation, it is of strategic importance that we make it clear to Washington that we want to work together. But also: That we will not allow you to go over our heads, and at our expense. That is why it was right to protect European companies legally from sanctions. It is therefore essential that we strengthen European autonomy by establishing payment channels independent of the US, a European monetary fund and an independent SWIFT [payments] system. The devil is in thousands of details. …

    – – –

    The old world is dying, and Europe must seize the moment

    … The world has entered a new epoch. In recent weeks, three separate events have made this abundantly clear. …

  3. To Prepare For The Transition The US Must Source Gold Or We Fall Into A 3rd World Nation:Jim Willie

    … August 4th: topics covered include the growing awareness by the population that something is not right with fake news network stories turned silly with widespread internet and mainstream censorship with a gathering storm in grassroots economic recession which does not match the official government stories (COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WITHIN REICH ECONOMICS), the massive unemployment during vicious recession called all strong positive growth, the bond market expansion with potential forced pension investment in Special USTreasury Bonds, the elite policy changes from the Euro Central Bank in rainy day fund and Bank For Intl Settlements in concealing debt as hidden defense mechanisms against what they might perceive as the emerging Systemic Lehman Event in a global financial crisis during the climax global breakdown underway, as nothing was resolved since 2008 while all major sovereign bonds have turned subprime and many banking systems in ruins, the gradual installation & implementation of the Gold Standard from the many substantial Eastern endeavors, where the United States must source the gold for a new gold-backed currency with the ongoing concurrent risk from the $600 billion trade deficit, which must be eliminated, or else the USA falls into the Third World from the isolation in reaction to overdone desperate sanctions, including to our own US allied nations like Germany …

    – – –

    War With Iran: Will Israel Join Arab NATO?

    … Today on TruNews we piece together the mystery U.S. Middle East peace deal including the future of Palestine and the ramp up to war with Iran. We also discuss a policy change which may enable the American Deep State to launch cyber attacks on domestic targets, and finally is Germany about to enter into a desperate alliance with Russia and Turkey. …

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